Product Development

Mejlselfickan utevcklad i sammarbete med användarnaRegular workwear is not functional for irregular or unusual work task. This is why we never stop developing our garments.

We are always open to our users’ views, suggestions and input. A good example is the story of the screwdriver pocket.
We often get visits from suppliers who think that we should start buying their products. However, before we decide to change fabrics or other materials in the garments, we always ask a test group to evaluate the products in different conditions.

There is no material suitable for all weather types or work situations. So it’s important that there are different choices and combinations, both for garments and materials, such as the option of NOMEX in most of our models.

The curious story of the screwdriver pocket.

Our first trousers with heat and flame protection for line fitters in the electricity business had a regular pocket for a folding rule, as that was standard in the business. After several pairs had been sent back with a hole in the pocket we were puzzled. How could a folding rule make holes in a pocket?

When we spoke to the line fitters, it turned out that they used the folding rule pocket as a screwdriver pocket. The solution for us was to enforce the pocket with Kevlar, and since then there are no more holes in the pockets. And we learn always to talk to our users. They are the only ones who know how the workwear is used in real life.