Our Philosophy

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By specialising on the energy business, we ensure that every detail is relevant to the users of our workwear. The garments are fitted with a number of practical and clever features that makes the work easier. Certain of these features are unique to Puvab.

A Skoda is cheaper to buy, but a Volvo is cheaper per mile. For protective wear, the life span is also essential to the total cost. Well designed, high quality protective wear with a long life span will be a good investment over time.

We put a lot of effort into ergonomic development. Well designed garments are used more, and this will also increase the protection. Working in garments that feel good also makes the work more effective.

Product development
Our production is based on the principles of Darwin, by which we mean that every round of production is developed compared to the previous. Through our relatively short series, we can allow ourselves to adjust and change as soon as we find a detail that can be improved.

Functional, comfortable and safe garments are the result of thorough design work. Our foundation is a long tradition, know-how and cooperation with the users. We also design ranges for companies with special requirements.

We are leaders in the development of protective wear for the energy and power business. Puvab was the first company to start doing tests for protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc when developing flame proof protective wear. Needless to say, our garments meet the current norms and certifications as a minimum.

High demands are made on the quality of the fabric for protective wear. We adjust the blend of materials depending on the area of use and sometimes even down to an individual level. Through our close cooperation with the fabricators, we constantly develop the materials to live up to the demands and needs that arise.

We never compromise on quality. Our aim is to constantly ensure that our products have the maximum durability, and to achieve this, we only use Europe’s leading fabric suppliers. By doubling the life span we can also halve the environmental impact.

No matter how good the materials are, the garments will not last if the sewing is not done properly. A good measurement on how well the sewing has been done is the number of bartacks. A bartack is a welding technique which reinforces the garments in areas that are particularly hard wearing. We are known for our love of bartacks – the more the better!

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